Physicians' Roles in Coordinating Care of Hospitalized Children

Authors, Primary Lye,P. S.;American Academy of,Pediatrics;Committee on Hospital Care and Section on Hospital,Medicine
Title Primary Physicians' Roles in Coordinating Care of Hospitalized Children
Periodical Full Pediatrics
Pub Year 2010
Volume 126
issue 4
Start Page 829-832
Abstract The care of hospitalized children and adolescents has become increasingly complex and often involves multiple physicians beyond the traditional primary care pediatrician. Hospitalists, medical subspecialists, surgical specialists, and hospital attending physicians may all participate in the care of hospitalized children and youth. This report summarizes the responsibilities of the pediatrician and other involved physicians in ensuring that children receive coordinated and comprehensive medical care delivered within the context of their medical homes as inpatients, and that care is appropriately continued on an outpatient basis.
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Topic Tag(s) Comprehensive Care;Care Coordination
Special Population(s) Children with Special Needs
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