Patient Preferences Versus Physician Perceptions of Treatment Decisions in Cancer Care

Authors, Primary Bruera,E.;Sweeney,C.;Calder,K.;Palmer,L.;Benisch-Tolley,S.
Title Primary Patient Preferences Versus Physician Perceptions of Treatment Decisions in Cancer Care
Periodical Full Journal of Clinical Oncology
Pub Year 2001
Volume 19
issue Not Available
Start Page 2883-2885
Abstract PURPOSE: To examine patient preferences as well as physician perceptions of these preferences for decision making and communication in palliative care. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Medical decision-making preferences (DMPs) were prospectively studied in 78 assessable cancer patients after initial assessment at a palliative care outpatient clinic. DMPs were assessed with a questionnaire using five possible choices ranging from 1 (patient prefers to make the treatment decision) to 5 (patient prefers the physician to make the decision). In addition, the physician's perception of this preference was assessed. RESULTS: Full concordance between the physician and the patient was seen in 30 (38%) of 78 cases; when the five original categories were recombined to cover active, shared, and passive decision making, there was concordance in 35 (45%) of 78 cases. The kappa coefficient for agreement between physician and patient was poor at 0.14 (95% confidence limit, -0.01 to 0.30) for simple kappa and 0.17 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.00 to 0.34) for weighted kappa (calculated on the three regrouped categories). Active, shared, and passive DMPs were chosen by 16 (20%) of 78, 49 (63%) of 78, and 13 (17%) of 78 patients, and by 23 (29%) of 78, 30 (39%) of 78, and 25 (32%) of 78 physicians, respectively. The majority of patients (49 [63%] of 78; 95% CI, 0.51 to 0.74) preferred a shared approach with physicians. Physicians predicted that patients preferred a less shared approach than they in fact did. Patient age or sex did not significantly alter DMP. CONCLUSION: An individual approach is needed and each patient should be assessed prospectively for DMP.
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