Opportunities for Improving Cancer Prevention at Federally Qualified Health Centers

Authors, Primary Allen,Claire;Harris,Jeffrey;Hannon,Peggy;Parrish,Amanda;Hammerback,Kristen;Craft,John;Gray,Bruce
Title Primary Opportunities for Improving Cancer Prevention at Federally Qualified Health Centers
Periodical Full Journal of Cancer Education
Pub Year 2014
Volume 29
issue 1
Start Page 30-37
Abstract As the Affordable Care Act unfolds, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) will likely experience an influx of newly insured, low-income patients at disparate risk for cancer. Cancer-focused organizations are seeking to collaborate with FQHCs and the Primary Care Associations (PCAs) that serve them, to prevent cancer and reduce disparities. To guide this collaboration, we conducted 21 interviews with representatives from PCAs and FQHCs across four western states. We asked about: FQHC priorities, barriers and facilitators to cancer prevention, the PCA–FQHC relationship, and collaboration opportunities for external organizations. FQHC priorities include medical home transformation, electronic health records, and clinical care; prevention efforts must integrate with these. Barriers to cancer prevention include competing priorities, inadequate patient insurance, and lack of reimbursement, while facilitators are the presence of patient navigators and cancer-related performance measures. Collaboration opportunities for external organizations include dissemination of culturally appropriate educational materials and support for patient navigators.
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