Medical home characteristics and the pediatric patient experience

Authors, Primary Burnet,Deborah;Gunter,Kathryn, E.;Nocon,Robert, S.;Gao,Yue;J in,Janel;Fairchild,Paige;Chin,Marshall, H.
Title Primary Medical home characteristics and the pediatric patient experience
Periodical Full Medical care
Pub Year 2014
Volume 52
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Abstract BACKGROUND: The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) has roots in pediatrics, yet we know little about the experience of pediatric patients in PCMH settings. OBJECTIVE: To examine the association between clinic PCMH characteristics and pediatric patient experience as reported by parents. RESEARCH DESIGN: We assessed the cross-sectional correlation between clinic PCMH characteristics and pediatric patient experience in 24 clinics randomly selected from the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative, a 5-state PCMH demonstration project. PCMH characteristics were measured with surveys of randomly selected providers and staff; surveys generated 0 (worst) to 100 (best) scores for 5 subscales, and a total score. Patient experience was measured through surveying parents of pediatric patients. Questions from the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems-Clinician and Group instrument produced 4 patient experience measures: timeliness, physician communication, staff helpfulness, and overall rating. To investigate the relationship between PCMH characteristics and patient experience, we used generalized estimating equations with an exchangeable correlation structure. RESULTS: We included 440 parents and 214 providers and staff in the analysis. Total PCMH score was not associated with parents' assessment of patient experience; however, PCMH subscales were associated with patient experience in different directions. In particular, quality improvement activities undertaken by clinics were strongly associated with positive ratings of patient experience, whereas patient care management activities were associated with more negative reports of patient experience. CONCLUSIONS: Future work should bolster features of the PCMH that work well for patients while investigating which PCMH features negatively impact patient experience, to yield a better patient experience overall.
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