Managing Drug-related Morbidity and Mortality in the Patient-centered Medical Home

Authors, Primary Isetts,B. J.;Brummel,A. R.;de Oliveira,D. R.;Moen,D. W.
Title Primary Managing Drug-related Morbidity and Mortality in the Patient-centered Medical Home
Periodical Full Medical care
Pub Year 2012
Volume 50
issue 11
Start Page 997-1001
Abstract BACKGROUND: : The appropriate use of medications can influence quality performance measures and costs. Drug-related morbidity and mortality represents a public health challenge due to the ineffective and unsafe consequences of medication use. This article addresses the impact of team-based care that incorporates comprehensive medication therapy management on per capita expenditures, quality performance measures, and resolution of drug therapy problems. METHODS: : A team-based medication therapy management system developed over 13 years in an integrated health system in 4 Minnesota innovation clinic sites was assessed in terms of: (1) differences in total median health expenditures compared with noninnovation clinics, (2) improvements on 5 performance benchmarks for patients with diabetes in comparison with statewide results, and (3) resolution of drug therapy problems. RESULTS: : Spending growth was 11% less in innovation clinics than that in 38 noninnovation clinics. Median per member per month health care costs measured at 5 intervals over a 15-month period were significantly lower in innovation than in noninnovation sites (P=0.05). Forty percent of patients with diabetes in the innovation clinics achieved all 5 performance benchmark treatment goals in 2009, with a range from 34% to 45%, compared with the statewide result of 17.5% of patients achieving all 5 benchmarks. In addition, over 4000 drug therapy problems were reported to be resolved. CONCLUSIONS: : Team-based care helped to achieve quality performance and control spending growth through medication therapy management in a patient-centered medical home innovation.
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