Integration of behavioral medicine in primary care.

Authors, Primary Bholat,M. A.;Ray,L.;Brensilver,M.;Ling,K.;Shoptaw,S.
Title Primary Integration of behavioral medicine in primary care.
Periodical Full Primary Care; Clinics in Office Practice
Pub Year 2012
Volume 39
issue 4
Start Page 605-614
Abstract The health care system in the United States is inefficient and there are many incentives for sustainable changes in the delivery of care. Incorporating behavioral medicine offers a wide range of opportunities. Within primary care settings, pain disorders, addiction, depression, and anxiety disorders are highly prevalent. Numerous chronic health conditions also require behavioral support for lifestyle change. These disorders are optimally managed through interdisciplinary collaborations that include a behavioral medicine component. This article discusses the effective integration of behavioral medicine within a primary care patient-centered medical home and describes the organizational planning and structure required for success.
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Place of Publication United States
Author/Address UCLA Family Health Center, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA.
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Topic Tag(s) Comprehensive Care
Special Population(s) People with Mental and Behavioral Health Issues
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