Improving Primary Care for Patients With Chronic Illness

Authors, Primary Bodenheimer,T.;Wagner,E. H.;Grumbach,K.
Title Primary Improving Primary Care for Patients With Chronic Illness
Periodical Full Journal of the American Medical Association
Pub Year 2002
Volume 288
issue Not Available
Start Page 1775-1779
Abstract The chronic care model is a guide to higher-quality chronic illness management within primary care. The model predicts that improvement in its 6 interrelated components-self-management support, clinical information systems, delivery system redesign, decision support, health care organization, and community resources-can produce system reform in which informed, activated patients interact with prepared, proactive practice teams. Case studies are provided describing how components of the chronic care model have been implemented in the primary care practices of 4 health care organizations.
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Reference Type(s) Journal Article
Topic Tag(s) Comprehensive Care
Special Population(s) Individuals with Multiple Chronic Conditions
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