Implementing Teams in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Residency Practice: Lessons Learned

Authors, Primary Markova,T.;Mateo,M.;Roth,L. M.
Title Primary Implementing Teams in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Residency Practice: Lessons Learned
Periodical Full J Am Board Fam Med.
Pub Year 2012
Volume 25
issue 2
Start Page 224-231
Abstract Introduction: The "new model of care" calls for a new approach for primary care delivery that focuses on patient centeredness, quality, safety, effective and efficient care, and interdisciplinary teamwork. Medical education needs to parallel this health care reorganization. Implementing a team approach in a residency practice, especially in ambulatory settings, poses unique challenges. METHODS: We introduced interdisciplinary teams in a family medicine residency site, integrating clinical and educational objectives. RESULTS: We report our challenges and successes in the transformational journey to a patient-centered medical home, for which a team approach is critical to achieving high quality care. CONCLUSION: Establishing high-functioning interdisciplinary teams takes leadership commitment; the engagement of everyone in the practice; investment in staff, resident, and faculty development; and clear communication of vision and goals. Integration of clinical and educational objectives can be powerfully synergistic. Clinical, organizational, and educational outcomes are needed to evaluate impact.
Publisher The Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Place of Publication Rochester Hills, MI.
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Topic Tag(s) Patient-Centered Care;Care Coordination;System Approach to Quality and Safety;Primary Care Workforce Issues;Implementation;Team Based Health Care
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