The Impact of the Medical Home on Access to Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Authors, Primary Cheak-Zamora,Nancy;Farmer,Janet
Title Primary The Impact of the Medical Home on Access to Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Periodical Full Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders
Pub Year 2015
Volume 45
issue 3
Start Page 636-44
Abstract Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) experience difficulty accessing health care services. Using parent-reported data from the 2009-2010 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs, we examined whether having a medical home reduces unmet need for specialty care services for children with ASD (n = 3,055). Descriptive statistics and Chi square tests identified sample characteristics and examined the relationship between unmet needs and a standardized measure of medical home. Logistic regression models explored the individual impact of demographic, condition-specific and medical home variables on unmet need. Parents reported that nearly all children had a need for specialty services, 36 % had an unmet need, and 23.9 % had a medical home. Children who had fewer unmet needs were more likely to have received family-centered and coordinated care through a medical home, and this relationship remained significant even when demographic and condition-specific variables were taken into account. These findings suggest ways to improve access to care for children with ASD through enhanced family-centered and coordinated care within the medical home.
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Topic Tag(s) Patient-Centered Care;Access to Care;Outcomes
Special Population(s) Children with Special Needs
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