In-home medication reviews: a novel approach to improving patient care through coordination of care.

Authors, Primary Willis,J. S.;Hoy,R. H.;Jenkins,W. D.
Title Primary In-home medication reviews: a novel approach to improving patient care through coordination of care.
Periodical Full Journal of community health
Pub Year 2011
Volume 36
issue 6
Start Page 1027
Abstract The use of multiple medications, in persons 65 years and older, has been linked to increased risk for cognitive impairment, falls, hip fractures, hospitalizations, adverse drug reactions, and mortality. The purpose of this study was to determine if trained undergraduate students, in conjunction with pharmacists, could provide in-home medication reviews and demonstrate benefit to the health and welfare of a senior population affiliated with a primary care facility. Students received training in the completion of an in-home medication inventory, assessing a home for fall risk, and performing blood pressures. Once trained and proven proficient students performed the assessments in homes of Decatur Family Medicine Residency patients 65 years and older. Collected medication inventories were reviewed by a hospital pharmacist for fall risk medications, major drug interactions, or duplicate therapy. Changes to patient management were made by the primary care provider as needed. In all, 75 students visited 118 patients in Fall 2010. Findings from the medication review include: 102 (86%) patients were prescribed at least one fall risk medication; 43% were prescribed 3 or more; 14% had the potential for a major drug interaction; and 7% were prescribed duplicate therapies. Fifty-seven patients had a subsequent change made to their clinical medication list. The results demonstrate that an in-home outreach can be successfully performed by student volunteers and provide data of high clinical relevance and use. This application of the patient-centered medical home can readily and directly improve patient safety.
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Place of Publication Netherlands
Author/Address Decatur Family Medicine Residency Program, Southern Illinois University, 250 W. Kenwood Ave., Decatur, IL 62526, USA.
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