Facilitating improvement in primary care: the promise of practice coaching.

Authors, Primary Grumbach,K.;Bainbridge,E.;Bodenheimer,T.
Title Primary Facilitating improvement in primary care: the promise of practice coaching.
Periodical Full Commonwealth Fund
Pub Year 2012
Volume 15
issue Not Available
Start Page 1-14
Abstract Practice coaching, also called practice facilitation, assists physician practices with the desire to improve in such areas as patient access, chronic and preventive care, electronic medical record use, patient-centeredness, cultural competence, and team-building. This issue brief clarifies the essential features of practice coaching and offers guidance for health system leaders, public and private insurers, and federal and state policymakers on how best to structure and design these programs in primary care settings. Good-quality evidence demonstrates that practice coaching is effective. The authors argue that primary care delivery in the United States would benefit from a more systematic approach to the training and deployment of primary care practice coaches.
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Reference Type(s) Policy Brief
Topic Tag(s) System Approach to Quality and Safety;Primary Care Workforce Issues;Practice Facilitation
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