The "Every Child Deserves a Medical Home" Training Program: More than a Traditional Continuing Medic

Authors, Primary Moore,Bob;Tonniges,Thomas F.
Title Primary The "Every Child Deserves a Medical Home" Training Program: More than a Traditional Continuing Medical Education Course
Periodical Full Pediatrics
Pub Year 2004
Volume 113
issue 5
Start Page 1479-1484
Abstract OBJECTIVES: 1) To develop and implement an innovative, interactive, and nontraditional continuing medical education (CME) curriculum to educate primary care physicians, pediatric office staff, child health advocates, allied health care professionals, and parents of children with special health care needs (CSHCN) about the medical home concept of care and 2) to identify key partners in communities to plan the CME program and ultimately plan for fostering medical homes at the community and state levels. METHODS: Participant outcomes for the CME program and planning process include 1) explaining the elements of the medical home concept as applied to their practice environment or child's care; 2) understanding the concepts, skills, and information necessary to care successfully for CSHCN who are enrolled in managed care organizations; 3) accurately describing trends and developments in caring for CSHCN; 4) identifying programs in the community that serve CSHCN; and 5) assessing and, if necessary, improving pediatric office practices to ensure that they are sensitive to families of children and youths with special health care needs. CONCLUSION: A diverse national committee that included physicians, nonphysicians, and family members developed the Medical Home Training Program curriculum. The medical home curriculum was written to meet the needs of the local community. The training program can offer CME credit and use a direct, outcome-based adult learning technique (eg, determine short- and long-term goals). Furthermore, the program parallels and complements the Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives.
Publisher American Academy of Pediatrics
Place of Publication Evanston, Ill.
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