Clinical community health workers: linchpin of the medical home

Authors, Primary Volkmann,Kelly;Castanares,Tina
Title Primary Clinical community health workers: linchpin of the medical home
Periodical Full Journal of Ambulatory Care Management
Pub Year 2011
Volume 34
issue 3
Start Page 221-3
Abstract The emerging clinical community health worker model integrates community health workers as integral members of primary care teams inside a medical home. This evaluation documents the case management services provided by 2 clinical community health worker programs at La Clinica del Carino in Hood River, Oregon, and how they affected the care team's ability to deliver efficient, effective primary care. Clinical community health workers have the potential to make a significant impact on clinical efficiency and effectiveness as ambulatory primary care clinics strive to transform into high-quality, patient-centered medical homes and become linchpins in accountable care organizations.
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Topic Tag(s) Care Coordination;Primary Care Workforce Issues;Outcomes
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