Cancer survivors and the patient-centered medical home

Authors, Primary Hudson,Shawna;Miller,Suzanne;Hemler,Jennifer;McClinton,Aneesah;Oeffinger,Kevin;Tallia,Alfred;Crabtree,Benjamin
Title Primary Cancer survivors and the patient-centered medical home
Periodical Full Translational Behavioral Medicine
Pub Year 2012
Volume 2
issue 3
Start Page 322-331
Abstract Abstract: Survivor care plans have been described as useful tools for enhancing the quality of follow-up care that cancer survivors receive after their active treatment has been completed. The relative success of current survivor care plan models is strongly dependent on the actions of individual patients. In this qualitative study of 33 cancer survivors, we explored patients’ understanding of follow-up care and their motivations and resources for seeking care. Three types of survivor experiences were identified from narratives of patients treated in community oncology and National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers, ranging from nonactivated patients who need enhanced health care communication and decision support to navigate their care to highly activated patients adept at navigating complex health care settings. Using the patient-centered medical home as a conceptual framework, we propose a research, policy, and practice agenda that advocates for multifaceted decision support to enhance cancer survivorship and follow-up care.
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Topic Tag(s) System Approach to Quality and Safety;Outcomes;Specialty Medical Home
Special Population(s) Individuals with Multiple Chronic Conditions
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