Cancer Screening at a Federally Qualified Health Center: A Qualitative Study on Organizational Chall

Authors, Primary Martinez-Gutierrez,Javiera;Jhingan,Esther;Angulo,Antoinette;Jimenez,Ricardo;Thompson,Beti;Coronado,Gloria
Title Primary Cancer Screening at a Federally Qualified Health Center: A Qualitative Study on Organizational Challenges in the Era of the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Periodical Full Journal of Immigrant & Minority Health
Pub Year 2013
Volume 15
issue 5
Start Page 993-1000
Abstract Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) serve uninsured and minority populations, who have low cancer screening rates. The patient-centeredmedical home (PCMH) model aims to provide comprehensive preventive services, including cancer screening, to these populations. Little is known about organizational factors influencing the delivery of cancer screening in this context. We conducted 18 semi-structured interviews with clinic personnel at four FQHC clinics in Washington State. All interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim and analyzed by two bilingual coders to identify salient themes. We found that screening on-site, scheduling separate visits for preventive care, and having non-provider staff recommend and schedule screening services facilitated the delivery of cancer screening. We found work overload to be a barrier to screening. To successfully implement screening strategies within the PCMH model, FQHCs must enhance facilitators and address organizational gaps in their cancer screening processes.
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