Applying health information technology and team-based care to residency education.

Authors, Primary Brown,K. K.;Master-Hunter,T. A.;Cooke,J. M.;Wimsatt,L. A.;Green,L. A.
Title Primary Applying health information technology and team-based care to residency education.
Periodical Full Family medicine
Pub Year 2011
Volume 43
issue 10
Start Page 726-730
Abstract BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Training physicians capable of practicing within the Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an emerging area of scholarly inquiry within residency education. This study describes an effort to integrate PCMH principles into teaching practices within a university-based residency setting and evaluates the effect on clinical performance. METHODS: Using participant feedback and clinical data extracted from an electronic clinical quality management system, we retrospectively examined performance outcomes at two family medicine residency clinics over a 7-year period. Instructional approaches were identified and clinical performance patterns analyzed. RESULTS: Alumni ratings of the practice-based curriculum increased following institution of the PCMH model. Clinical performance outcomes indicated improvements in the delivery of clinical care to patients. Implementation of instructional methodologies posed some challenges to residency faculty, particularly in development of consistent scheduling of individualized feedback sessions. Residents required the greatest support and guidance in managing point-of-care clinical reminders during patient encounters. CONCLUSIONS: Teaching practices that take into consideration the integration of team-based care and use of electronic health technologies can successfully be used to deliver residency education in the context of the PCMH model. Ongoing assessment provides important information to residency directors and faculty in support of improving the quality of clinical instruction.
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Place of Publication United States
Author/Address Department of Family Medicine, University of Michigan, USA.
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